Our cars: the BMW i3 and the Honda Civic Tourer

The BMW i3 manages to be generously accommodating and the Honda Civic Tourer has been to Norfolk for a family holiday

Words By John Howell

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An article image
An article image

Every day we take a look at life with some of the cars we live with on a daily basis. Today, we are looking at the BMW i3 and the Honda Civic Tourer.

Director of testing John Mcllroy has been assessing the BMW i3 as a city car but with added duties. Can it manage to accommodate the odd bulky item and extend its load-carrying capabilities beyond a few shopping bags? To find out the nature of the test and whether it survived, click here.

Our consumer editor, Alex Newby, has been off with the family to Norfolk, and it was the job of the Honda Civic Tourer to get them there and back again. Read the full report of her trip to see how well the Civic coped as an all-round family car.

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