Coulthard could develop AMG cars for UK

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Coulthard could develop AMG cars for UK

Former F1 driver David Coulthard could help with the development of Mercedes AMG cars after being hired as a 'brand ambassador' for the company.

Announcing Coulthard's role, AMG chairman Ola Kallenius said the current F1 commentator could help develop AMG models' set up for UK roads. He said: 'David can help our engineering and test teams to find that little extra twist we need to survive those difficult English B-roads.'

Coulthard responded by suggesting Scottish B-roads would be a bigger challenge.

Speaking to What Car? sister site, Coulthard said there were no concrete plans to involve him in the road car development process yet, but confirmed that he's keen to get involved as soon as is practicable.

Coulthard also confirmed he will become an 'active partner' for AMG at customer and press events.