Deal of the Day: Audi A8

Save over £20,000 off the list price of an Audi A8 L 3.0 TDI 262 Quattro SE Executive...

Deal of the Day: Audi A8

We recently pitted the Mercedes-Benz S-Class against the BMW 7 Series in a battle of the large executive saloons, so we’ve found a great deal on one of the two cars’ main rivals – the Audi A8.

The £20,380 saving we’ve found off this example is one of the most substantial Deal of the Day discounts we’ve ever found and the same amount Audi asks for a brand new A3.

The car Audi A8 L 3.0 TDI 262 Quattro SE Executive
The saving £20,380
The discounted price £46,378
The online broker


The interior of the A8 is solidly built as well as comfortable, with a seemingly endless amount of adjustments helping you achieve the perfect fit.

The 3.0 TDI engine offers effortless performance and reasonable running costs for a car the A8’s size. It’s one of the more refined engines in the line-up, too.

The space in the rear of the standard A8 isn’t up with its rivals, but this long-wheelbase version eliminates that problem – and then some.


Audi’s reliability has taken swipes in the past, and a lukewarm JD Power customer satisfaction survey result suggests there’s still room for improvement.

Being a large German limo, the A8 will depreciate heavily, but the £20k saving here should re-categorise that depreciation from ‘crushing’ to ‘severe'.

Should I add any options?

SE Executive trim is comprehensively equipped, adding electric boot closing, a reversing camera and upgraded alloys to the long list of standard equipment, so enjoy the enormous saving on offer and leave it as is.

What next?

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