Do Euro traffic offences count here?

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Will Nightingale
27 March 2008

Do Euro traffic offences count here?

Q: If you are photographed committing a traffic offence in Europe, can that country send a fine to you in the UK and add points to your licence?
Stuart Hamer

A: If you are driving on a UK licence in Europe and are photographed committing a traffic offence, you won't incur any points on your licence.

The DVLA manages the system of traffic offence points for UK licences, and can only add points to your license if the traffic offence is committed inside the UK.

The fine is a different story. If the car is privately owned, the owner or driver of the car may receive a fine. If the car is rented, the police could obtain the driver's details from the rental company, so the offender may still receive a fine in the post.

All this will change in the future, though. Under new proposals, offences such as speeding or evading parking fines would result in offenders being tracked down and penalised, as all EU nations would share driver data.