Driving in hot weather – top tips to stay safe

The summer months are the worst for breakdowns and tyre-related incidents, so follow our tips for safe summer driving...

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Whether you’re heading to the south of France or just spending a day at your nearest seaside resort, driving there could result in frayed tempers if you get stuck in traffic or the car breaks down. So it’s vital to be prepared for all eventualities before you set off.

There are two areas to concentrate on: the car, and you and your passengers. Aim to check that your car is ready for the road trip a week before you’re set to leave, so there’s enough time to get any necessary work done to it. It’s a great idea to get the car serviced before a holiday, but if that’s not possible, checking it over is the least you should do.

Look after yourself and your passengers by stocking up on water and snacks; store food in a cooler so they don't get spoiled en route.

Here are our top tips for happy hot weather driving.