Electric Kia Naimo unveiled

* Fiesta-sized four-seater at Seoul motor show * 124-mile range, 93mph top speed * First electric Kia expected around 2012...

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What Car? Staff
31 March 2011

Electric Kia Naimo unveiled

Kia has unveiled a new electric concept car called the Naimo at the Seoul motor show.

Pronounced Neh-mo, meaning 'square shape', the Naimo has an asymmetric sunroof, wraparound windscreen and, like the Ford B-Max, has no door-pillars to make access to the cabin easier.

The rear doors open backwards, while the rear tailgate is split three ways to allow for easier access to the loadbay.

A 108bhp electric motor can bring the car up to a top speed of 93mph, while a pair of 27kWh lithium polymer batteries give the Naimo a range of around 124 miles.

A quick recharge to 80% capacity takes 25 minutes, while a full charge through a domestic socket takes five-and-a-half-hours.

Kia says the Naimo will join its fleet of alternatively fuelled test vehicles and that the company could have a fully electric car on sale by 2012.