Fiat 500 colours

The Fiat 500 is famous for its wide range of colour options. So, here list the pros and cons of them all to help you make your choice...

Fiat 500 - all colours

The Fiat 500 has become famous for the the vast variety of styling combinations and colours that customers can choose from, with the ever-changing paint palettes helping ensure that it remains one of the most distinctive – and fashionable – cars on the road.

With the all-new, fully electric 500 having only been launched in late 2020, though, there is currently a more limited range of colours than you may typically expect

For the hatchback, for example, there’s a choice of nine colours, and availability varies according to which trim level of the 500 – called Action, Passion, Icon and La Prima – you choose.

The colours are split up under four labels: Tri Colour, matt, metallic and pastel. There is one Tri Colour option, one matt, five metallic and two pastel.

Fiat 500 Tri Colour finishes

Celestial Blue - £1000

Fiat 500 - Celestial Blue

This and the Cloud Grey matt option are the most expensive colour choices currently available, but it does add a wow factor to the car. Buyers should be aware that they're unlikely to recoup the extra cost of this colour come resale time. However, it can have the benefit of making your car stand out in listings dominated by similar cars.

Fiat 500 matt paint finishes

Cloud Grey - £1000

Fiat 500 - Cloud Grey

While the name might not conjure up positive vibes, there’s no question that the matt finish catches the eye, giving the 500 a more sophisticated, grown-up look. Again, note that the extra investment up front is unlikely to be paid back at resale time, but it does give your 500 a stronger chance of standing out in a crowded marketplace.

Fiat 500 metallic paint finishes

Earth Grey - £600

Fiat 500 Earth Grey

With metallic options by far the most plentiful, you can choose from the options according to personal taste without fearing that you may limit the car’s appeal come resale time, or without pushing up your PCP payment as resale values would be affected.

Glacier Blue - £600

Fiat 500 - Glacier Blue

This is the lighter of the two metallic blue options available, and popular for sitting in the mid-range of the colour spectrum, thereby being less polarising than some of the other choices available. All metallic colour prices are the same.

Mineral Grey - £600

Fiat 500 - Mineral Grey

A truer grey than the Earth Grey option, and notable for giving the 500 a slightly more grown up and less cute look. Again, it’s strong enough to stand out without being compromising come resale time.

Ocean Green - £600

Fiat 500 - Ocean Green

Worth checking out in the metal to distinguish the combination of blue and green that sits behind this colour's name. It’s certainly a deeper, bolder hue than Glacier Blue and changes its nature significantly between sitting under strong sunlight or shady cloud.

Rose Gold - £600

Fiat 500 - Rose Gold

A striking colour, and as a result chosen by Fiat itself for use on many of its press and demonstrator cars. That points to the fact it both suits the car and turns heads, although it is worth bearing in mind that it won’t be to everyone’s tastes, thereby having a knock-on effect – potentially good and bad – on resale values and desirability.

Fiat 500 pastel paint finishes 

Ice White - £0

Fiat 500 - Ice White

The only no-cost option, but far from a bargain basement look. While there’s no question the 500 has made a name for itself through its vast colour palette, white does lend it an elegant, classy appeal and leave a blank canvas for future owners to apply vinyl customisations to. Be warned, however, that it is also likely to be favoured by rental firms, and subsequently hold less value, as well as show up any dirt.

Onyx Black - £450

Fiat 500 - Onyx Black

The lowest priced paid-for option lends the 500 a classy sophistication, although it is worth taking the time to view it on a darker, rainy day if you get the chance, because it misses some of the dazzle of the more expensive metallic options. Still, it's a safe bet for protecting residuals.

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