Fiat launches 'green' Bravo

* New model has lower CO2 emissions * Falls short on future eco-standards * Just under road tax ceiling...

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What Car? Staff
31 January 2008

Fiat launches 'green' Bravo

Fiat is to launch a low-CO2 emitting version of its Bravo family hatch.

The green Bravo has low-rolling-resistance tyres and reprogrammed electronics to help improve efficiency.

It will be powered by a 104bhp 1.6 Multijet diesel engine and should emit 119g/km of carbon dioxide. This is compared with the 129g/km of CO2 the standard Bravo emits.

However, the standard car's engine is compliant with European emissions standards set to come into force in 2009, whereas the low-CO2 car is compliant only with current standards.

However, although the green Bravo emits less CO2, it puts out higher emissions of other harmful agents such as hydrocarbons and nitrous oxides.

But cars that emit less than 120g/km of CO2 have lower road tax bills, a fact that has left Fiat open to charges of cynical marketing.

Fiat will also launch a 118bhp version of the 1.6 diesel and will drop the ageing 118bhp 1.9 version currently in the Bravo.

The 104bhp model will cost from around 13,800 and Fiat says the eco version, which unlike the Golf and Focus has not yet been given an eco-name, will attract a 300 premium over the standard car. The 118bhp 1.6 Bravo will cost from 14,500.

The company is also working on a dual-clutch gearbox, similar to VW's feted DSG, which should make it into Fiats in around two years' time.