Ford Fiesta vs Ford Focus: costs

These Ford hatchbacks both sell in huge number, but which makes more sense: the cheaper Fiesta or the bigger Focus?...

Ford Fiesta 3dr front seats

Buying and owning

Costs, equipment, reliability, safety and security

This is where things begin to get interesting. As you’d expect, and as we’ve already mentioned, the larger Focus costs more to buy – around £2500 more, according to Ford’s website. And while you’ll get a decent discount if you buy via our New Car Buying service, the same is true with the Fiesta. Either way, the Focus is likely to cost you a couple of thousand pounds more to begin with if you’re paying cash.

Look at the lifetime costs of both cars, though, and things start to swing back in the Focus’s favour. While it’s predicted to depreciate at a similar rate to the Fiesta, the fact that it’s cheaper to service and insure, as well as more economical in real-world driving, means that the Focus is actually likely to cost you less to own over a three-year period.

Ford Focus front seats

On the other hand, if you’re thinking about signing up to a PCP finance agreement, you can expect to pay a bit less for the Fiesta. Assuming a £2000 deposit on a three-year term (with a 9000-mile annual limit), you’d be paying £302 per month for the Focus, as opposed to £269 for the Fiesta.

The same is true if you’re a company car driver. While the Focus falls into the same tax bracket as the Fiesta, its heftier list price means you’ll have to sacrifice roughly £25 more per month from your salary.

In terms of equipment, both cars come reasonably well equipped with 17in alloy wheels, cruise control, keyless start, heated windscreens, automatic lights and electrically operated front and rear windows. That said, you’ll still probably want to add a couple of useful options on both cars, such as those front and rear parking sensors we mentioned earlier, plus climate control.

Ford Fiesta vs Ford Focus costs

Euro NCAP gave both cars a maximum five-star safety rating, although it’s a little disappointing that frontal impact chest protection for both adults and small children sitting in the rear was rated as marginal in the Fiesta. To compound matters, automatic emergency braking (AEB) – a vital safety aid – isn’t standard; it comes only as part of a £350 Exclusive Pack. We’d recommend ticking that box, because it also gives you traffic sign recognition, automatic main beam assist and adaptive cruise control. Meanwhile, AEB is standard on the Focus.


Ford Fiesta

Alloy wheel size 17in
Adaptive cruise control £350*
Air-con/climate control Yes/No
DAB/Bluetooth Yes/Yes
Sat-nav Yes
Apple CarPlay/Android Auto Yes/Yes
Heated windscreen Yes
Adjustable lumbar support No
Parking sensors front/rear £900***/Yes
Rear-view camera £900***
Keyless entry/start No/Yes
Metallic paint £500

Ford Focus

Alloy wheel size 17in
Adaptive cruise control £500**
Air-con/climate control Yes/No
DAB/Bluetooth Yes^/No
Sat-nav £350^
Apple CarPlay/Android Auto Yes/Yes
Heated windscreen Yes
Adjustable lumbar support Yes
Parking sensors front/rear £375
Rear-view camera £750^^
Keyless entry/start No/Yes
Metallic paint £550

*Part of Exclusive Pack **Part of Driver Assistance Pack ^Part of Ford Sync 3 DAB Nav ***Part of Mid Series Driver Assistance Pack ^^Part of Convenience Pack