Ford GT 2017 verdict and specs

The Ford GT is terrific on track, but compromised as a road car due to its rac...

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Matt Prior
12 May 2016

Ford GT 2017 verdict and specs

Should I buy one?

Unless you’ve already ordered a GT, you can’t buy one, because Ford received more than 6800 applications for the 1000 cars it’s eventually going to sell, and it’ll divvy up the allocation pretty quickly.

What it doesn’t want, however, is cars languishing in big collections, so priority will go to people who will actually use their GTs. So expect to see them at shows and events rather than turned around quickly on the second-hand market for a profit, and when they do eventually go on sale, residuals will be strong, so even if you pick up a used one, it’s unlikely to lose you money.

What Car? says...

Rated 5 out of 5

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Ford GT

Engine size 3.5 V6 turbo petrol

Price £420,000

Power 647bhp

Torque 550lb ft

0-62mph 2.8sec

Top speed 216mph

Gov't economy (official combined) 14.0mpg

CO2/BIK band tbc

Insurance group  tbc

Airbags 4

Doors 2

Seats 2

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