Fuel tax could cost Labour next election

* AA poll shows depth of motorists' feelings * Half blame Government for high fuel costs * 63% would vote differently if fuel hits 125p/litre...

Fuel tax could cost Labour next election

There's more pressure on the Chancellor, Alistair Darling, to reduce fuel tax after an AA poll showed that two-thirds of respondents would vote against Labour at the next election if fuel prices stayed high.

Of the 18,500 members the AA polled, half of them blamed the Government for the high fuel prices.

38% of respondents said they would vote against Labour if fuel went over 125p per litre. Since the poll was completed, the price of diesel has breached that threshold - it's now 131.9p per litre, with petrol at 118.6p.

That could mean even more trouble for the Government, because 63% of motorists polled said they would vote for other political parties if fuel rose to between 125p and 149p per litre.

People blame the Government for the high prices because they believe it is benefitting from the high oil prices - 49% of those surveyed believe that fuel taxes should be reduced.

There have been renewed calls for the Chancellor to cancel the next rise in fuel duty, scheduled in October.