Jaguar E-Pace vs Jaguar F-Pace: costs

How much difference is there between Jaguar’s SUVs? Time to see whether you should go large with the F-Pace or save some money with the smaller E-Pace...

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Buying and owning

Costs, equipment, reliability, safety and security

If you’re a private cash buyer, you’ll need about £6300 extra to put the F-Pace on your driveway, although you’ll be able to get around £2700 off both cars if you use our New Car Buying service.

Both depreciate at a similar rate, although the F-Pace’s higher price means you’ll lose more money if you sell after three years. The E-Pace will cost £151 less to service over three years and, unlike the F-Pace, doesn’t attract the £325 luxury road tax supplement from years two to six of ownership. Even factoring in the F-Pace’s better fuel economy (41.9mpg versus 39.5mpg, officially), private buyers will be roughly £4000 better off with the E-Pace after three years.

Jaguar F-Pace side

If you go down the PCP finance route instead, putting down a £4000 deposit on a 48-month term with an annual limit of 10,000 miles, the E-Pace will set you back £405 a month, compared with £447 for the F-Pace. That relatively small gap is partly down to a larger manufacturer deposit contribution on the F-Pace.

Neither makes much sense as a company car, because they’re in the top (37%) benefit-in-kind tax bracket. Monthly payments are therefore hefty: £443 on the E-Pace and £527 on the F-Pace, assuming you’re in the 40% tax bracket.

Jaguar E-Pace vs Jaguar F-Pace costs spec

Jaguar didn't perform brilliantly in the 2020 What Car? Reliability Survey, coming 21st out of 31 manufacturers. The F-Pace proved slightly more reliable than the E-Pace, although both were in the bottom third of their classes.

Both come with automatic emergency braking and lane-keeping assistance. The F-Pace is better at protecting adults in a crash, according to Euro NCAP, but the E-Pace was found to be better at protecting children in the back.

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