Kia and Vodafone to work together

* Kia and Vodafone agree to collaborate on vehicle IT * New systems will be based on Vodafone networks * Part of Kias efforts to be more competitive in Europe...

Kia and Vodafone to work together

Kia and Vodafone have signed an agreement to work together on vehicle IT systems in Europe.

As yet, there are no details of what the collaboration will produce or when. All the two companies have said is that they will develop new systems based on the existing Vodafone network to benefit drivers in the future.

Through collaboration with Vodafone, Kia Motors looks forward to providing advanced automotive IT services to its European customers as part of its ongoing commitment to become increasingly competitive in this market, said Lee Hyun-Soon, vice chairman and head of Hyundai-Kia R&D.

Nick Jeffery, chief executive officer of Vodafone Global Enterprise, said: Vodafones mobile networks and simple solutions for managing wireless connectivity on a global basis mean we are ideally placed to help the Hyundai Motor Group develop a whole range of new services.