Kia does Red Nose Day 09

* Kia donates part-exes to Comic Relief * Cars 'pimped up' by dealers first * Special edition Kia Picanto Red...

Kia does Red Nose Day 09

Red Nose Day 2009 comes to Kia dealers this week with a host of activities and dealer events.

Dealers will be donating 20 specially prepared part-exchanged cars for sale through BCA car auctions this Friday.

Each car has been 'pimped up' specially for red nose day and will be offered for sale with a minimum of six months MOT. The money raised will go directly to comic relief.

Kia is also offering a special edition Kia Picanto Red and will donate 100 for every car sold - enough cash to send two Zambian children to school for a whole year.

Kia dealers will be getting in to the swing of things, too, promising to do 'something funny for money'.

In total, Kia hopes to raise around 100,000 for Red Nose Day 2009.