Least reliable electric cars

Electric cars are at the cutting edge of technology, but does that make them more or less prone to faults, and which are the most and least dependable models?...

Renault Zoe front cornering

The three least reliable electric cars

3. Renault Zoe (2013-present)

Reliability rating: 92.6%

Twenty-four percent of Zoe owners reported a fault with their car, including issues with the air-con, bodywork, the electric motor and non-motor electrics. A quarter (25%) of Zoes with faults were off the road for more than a week, and while 75% were fixed for free, the remaining 25% left owners having to pay more than £1500.

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2. Nissan Leaf (2019-present)

Electric Car of the Year Awards 2021 - Nissan Leaf

Reliability rating: 89.7%

The latest Nissan Leaf is a big departure from the original in the reliability stakes – and not in a good way. More than 45% of owners who completed our survey told us their cars had experienced a fault. Key problem areas included the motor electrics and the battery, but a variety of other faults were reported, including those with the suspension and brakes. All cars were fixed for free, and all failures that stopped the car from being driven (36% of all issues) were repaired in less than a day. Overall, 9% of cars with faults spent more than a week at the garage. 

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1. Jaguar I-Pace (2018-present)

Electric Car of the Year Awards 2021 - Jaguar I-Pace

Reliability rating: 86.3%

The Jaguar I-Pace has the lowest reliability score of all the electric cars in our survey, with 30% of owners reporting that they had problems. Most experienced issues with the battery, sat-nav or non-motor electrics, and 45% of faults rendered the car undriveable and out of action for more than a week. Overall, 75% of cars took more than a week to fix, the only saving grace is that every issue was repaired under warranty – bills would have added insult to injury.

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