Mercedes considers diesel for AMG models

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24 November 2009

Mercedes considers diesel for AMG models

Mercedes-Benz has not ruled out its performance brand AMG using diesel engines for its flagship models.

Electric version of SLS AMG announced
AMG currently hand-assembles petrol-powered engines only, but Mercedes announced earlier this year that it aims to build an electric-powered version of its SLS AMG's first bespoke supercar.

Diesel a possibility, says AMG
However, when asked if AMG are looking at diesel engines, Oliver Wiech, AMG's product manager for the C-Class, E-Class, SLK and SL, didn't rule it out.

Mr Weich said: 'We are taking an open view and looking at lots of options, but if you look at our announcement on the electric SLS, you can see what is in the future.'