New Audi A5 Coupe vs new Mercedes E-Class Coupe

Mercedes' new E-Class Coupé gives you a lot of style and luxury for around £40k, but is a better choice than the more powerful Audi A5 that you can have for the same money?...

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12 June 2016

New Audi A5 Coupe vs new Mercedes E-Class Coupe

What will they cost?

If you’re a company car driver, there’s very little in it. Although the A5 is the cheaper option, choosing the E-Class will mean sacrificing just £82 more of your salary over the next three years (assuming you’re a 40% taxpayer). Leasing rates follow a similar pattern, with our contract hire provider quoting £468 a month for the A5 and £496 for the E-Class.

If you are buying privately with cash, however, the tables swing in favour of the E-Class. Despite the fact that the A5 is cheaper to insure and service, the E-Class’s strong desirability and relative newness mean it’s predicted to depreciate more slowly. As a result, the E-Class will cost you around £2000 less to own over a period of three years.

New Audi A5 Coupe vs new Mercedes E-Class Coupe

That said, if you plan to take out a finance agreement, the A5 is the much cheaper option. Put down a £7116 deposit on a three-year PCP deal (with a 10,000-mile annual limit) and you’ll pay £385 a month, compared with a hefty £499 for the E-Class on exactly the same terms. It’s also deeply impressive that the four-wheel-drive, 3.0-litre A5 can match the rear-wheel-drive, 2.0-litre E-Class on official fuel economy and CO2 emissions.

Standard equipment is broadly similar. Essentials such as DAB radio, sat-nav and Bluetooth are fitted to both, as are climate and cruise controls. Euro NCAP awarded the A5 a five-star safety rating but hasn’t yet tested the E-Class Coupé. Regardless, both cars come with automatic emergency braking as standard and are rated equally highly by Thatcham for resisting break-ins and being stolen.