New Audi Q2 vs used Audi Q3: which is best?

Audi is keen for buyers to see the latest Q2 as a premium small SUV, but how does it fare against a used Q3 for the same money?...

New Audi Q2 vs used Audi Q3 – alternatives

New Audi Q2 vs used Audi Q3: which is best?

If you’re looking for the best new small SUV as an alternative to a new Q2, take a look at the Seat Ateca. While the Seat badge may not have the cachet of the four Audi rings, it is based on the same chassis and uses the same engines. The Ateca is also much more practical inside and comes with a lot more standard equipment, despite being significantly cheaper to buy.

If you want something to match the classy interior of the Q2, try a Mini Countryman. It has some fun touches such as a union flag pattern on the back of the headrests and old-school toggle switches on the dash.

A used rival to the Q3 is harder to find, because there aren’t many truly premium examples around. The BMW X1 is a great alternative, though. The ride on SE cars is much better than that on the M Sport set-up, but if you can find an X1 with adaptive dampers, go for that. Either way, you’ll have a car that handles well and has precise and confidence-inspiring steering. The interior is nicely finished and feels every bit a premium product. It’s even very practical, thanks to a large boot and highly flexible 40/20/40 split-folding rear seats.

New Audi Q2 vs used Audi Q3 – which is best?

New Audi Q2 vs used Audi Q3: which is best?

Both cars put up a very good fight. You’d choose the used Q3 if you need a vehicle that can transport adults and their luggage, because it’s the more practical of the two. You would also choose it if you cover lots of miles, because the diesel engine has far better fuel economy and the first-year road tax fee has already been paid.

The new Q2 has a much better infotainment system and a far more inviting interior. You’ll also get the benefit of a longer warranty and you can enjoy much sharper handling. It’s also better for town dwellers, because its smaller size means easier parking and the petrol engine is more suitable to shorter journeys.

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New Audi Q2 vs used Audi Q3: which is best?

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