New Audi SQ7 vs new Porsche Cayenne

Which sports SUV is the better buy: the diesel Audi SQ7, appearing here in new Vorsprung spec, or the petrol Porsche Cayenne Turbo?...

Porsche Cayenne and Audi SQ7

Our verdict

The Cayenne sets a new benchmark for handling among properly big SUVs; the way it corners, when equipped with optional active anti-roll bars, at least, has to be experienced to be believed. It’s also outrageously fast, very practical and even reasonably comfortable.

But while the SQ7 isn’t quite as sharp or fast, it’s still remarkably agile for such a heavy car. Despite its vast 22in wheels, it rides as well as many luxury limos, while it’s quieter at a cruise than the Cayenne, classier inside, more practical, much better equipped and cheaper to buy and run. It’s truly one of the most rounded cars on sale.

1st Audi SQ7 4/5

Audi SQ7 rear

For Seriously quick; remarkably comfy and refined; top-notch interior; decent economy

Against Not as agile nor as much fun through corners

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2nd Porsche Cayenne 4/5

Porsche Cayenne rear

For Incredible acceleration; physics-defying body control and grip; resale values

Against Hugely expensive; not nearly as well equipped; horrendous fuel economy

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Specifications: Audi SQ7 4.0 TDI Vorsprung

Engine 8cyl, 3956cc, diesel

List price £89,905

Target price £82,690

Power 429bhp @ 3750-5000rpm

Torque 664lb ft @ 1000-3250rpm

Gearbox 8-spd automatic

0-60mph 4.6sec

Top speed 155mph

Gov't fuel economy 37.2mpg

Test mpg 30.9mpg

CO2 emissions 199g/km

Specifications: Porsche Cayenne Turbo

Engine 8cyl, 3996cc, petrol

List price £101,416

Target price £101,416

Power 542bhp @ 5750-6000rpm

Torque 568lb ft @ 1960-4500rpm

Gearbox 8-spd automatic

0-60mph 3.7sec

Top speed 177mph

Gov't fuel economy 24.1mpg

Test mpg 20.7mpg

CO2 emissions 267g/km

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