New Bentley saloon teaser

* First glimpse of new Arnage * Bigger than current car * Expected to cost at least 200,000...

10 June 2009
New Bentley saloon teaser

Bentley has released the first pictures of its replacement for the Arnage.

The images show only a glimpse of the bonnet, front grille and front wing, so it's hard to get a clear idea of how the car will look. The design is more likely to be a modern interpretation of the current car's themes, rather than a radical rethink, however.

Full details of the new model will be revealed later this year, but some sources suggest it will use an all-new platform, whereas others claim the car will use a modified version of the Arnage's.

Bentley has dubbed the car the new grand Bentley, but it's not clear if it will eventually retain the Arnage name.

It's certain that the new car will be wider and longer, however, and whether it uses an updated version of the Arnage's 500bhp, 6.8-litre V8 petrol engine or an all-new unit, it's expected to be more powerful, but cleaner.

You can also expect it to cost more than the Arnage when it goes on sale next year, with a price tag of at least £200,000.