New Mazda 6 vs used Volkswagen Arteon: which is best?

A new Mazda 6 is an excellent buy if you're looking for an executive saloon that's enjoyable to drive, but could a seriously desirable four-door coupé like the used Volkswagen Arteon be a more te...

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New Mazda 6 vs used Volkswagen Arteon – alternatives

If the Mazda 6 doesn’t quite have enough space for you, try a Skoda Superb. With the amount of rear leg room it has, it really ought to be sold as a limo. It’ll also ride with more compliance than the sportier Mazda and knocks it for six when it comes to loading up the boot – it's truly cavernous. 

Perhaps the Volkswagen badge isn’t quite premium enough for some. For such people, a used BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé may fit the bill. You’ll lose out on interior space, but gain more engaging handling and one of the best infotainment systems in the business.

New Mazda 6 vs used Volkswagen Arteon – which is best?

Remember on the previous page where we mentioned the difference in depreciation between these two cars? Well, the Arteon is expected to be worth just over £4500 more than the 6 over three years. That’s quite a sizeable deposit or trade-in advantage, putting you in a better buying position next time around. 

New Mazda 6 vs used Volkswagen Arteon: which is best?

The Arteon is also much better equipped and feels far more modern and luxurious inside. Credit to the Mazda 6 for being a very good executive car, it’s just that on this occasion it is rather outclassed by the Volkswagen, which is why a used Arteon is the better buy, and the perfect choice for your suburban driveway.

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