New Mercedes E-Class Coupe priced from Β£40,135

Mercedes will take on executive coupΓ©s from BMW and Audi with its newest version of the E-Class, which goes on sale in April

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Mercedes E-Class Coupe

The latest Mercedes E-Class saloon has been well received, taking on premium rivals from Audi and BMW in the competitive executive saloon market. These cars are luxurious and comfortable, and can cross entire countries while keeping their owners fresh for the end of the journey.

Increasingly, too, these cars are spawning coupΓ© variants for the style-conscious buyer. If you don't have much need for rear seats, or simply prefer two doors instead of four, then cars like the BMW 6 Series could be a tempting proposition - and the decision just got harder thanks to this new E-Class CoupΓ©.

What's new on the Mercedes E-Class CoupΓ©?

Set to appear in UK dealerships from next April, the Mercedes E-Class CoupΓ© keeps the striking looks of the saloon at the front, but tapers towards the rear in the same style as the C-Class CoupΓ© and S-Class CoupΓ©. It's bigger in every respect than the old E-Class CoupΓ© and its wheels are farther apart - meaning more room inside for both passengers and luggage.

What's the Mercedes E-Class CoupΓ© like inside?

Unsurprisingly, the interior of the E-Class CoupΓ© is strikingly similar to the saloon, which is no bad thing. We're big fans of how this generation of E-Class models have taken elements from the more luxurious S-Class and improved them - case and point being the two 12.3in displays which form one long infotainment screen and digital instrument cluster. In the case of the latter, this puts the most relevant information directly in front of the driver, in the same way as Audi's Virtual Cockpit display.

Like the saloon, the coupΓ©'s system is controlled either via touchpads on the steering wheel, or by a rotary dial and touchpad on the centre console.

We've yet to try the E-Class CoupΓ©'s four individual seats, but if the saloon is anything to go by, expect it to be comfortable and refined over long distances.

What engines can I get in the Mercedes E-Class CoupΓ©?

At launch, buyers will be able to choose from one diesel option and two petrols.

The sole diesel choice is the E220d, which gets you a 2.0-litre engine. This is our current preferred choice in the E-Class saloon, and its high refinement and low CO2 output is likely to make it the engine of choice for UK drivers - especially if you're looking for a company car.

Also offered will be the E300, which comes with a turbocharged 2.0-litre petrol engine producing 242bhp, and the range-topping E400 model, which gets four-wheel drive and is powered by a 3.0-litre V6 petrol engine producing 328bhp. All models come with a nine-speed automatic gearbox as standard.

Those looking for truly blistering performance need only wait until the second half of next year, when Mercedes is scheduled to add an even more powerful E-Class CoupΓ© to the line-up. Dubbed the E50 4Matic, this version is a mild hybrid - where a small electric motor is used to help the engine in certain situations, such as when pulling away from traffic lights - and should come with around 450bhp. As befits a performance Mercedes, it will be launched under the Mercedes-AMG brand.

How much will the E-Class CoupΓ© cost?

The new E-Class CoupΓ© range starts from Β£40,135. At that price, the new model is significantly cheaper than both its main rivals - the BMW 6 Series coupΓ© is priced from Β£59,535 while the five-door Audi A7 Sportback will cost you Β£46,845.

In terms of specific model prices, the E220d CoupΓ© is priced from Β£40,135, while the E300 and E400 4Matic petrol versions cost Β£41,025 and Β£50,775, respectively.

See what we thought of the current E-Class saloon in the video review below.

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