New Skoda Fabia vs used Seat Ibiza: which is best?

The award-winning Skoda Fabia is a great new car buy, but can it fend off an attack from the more modern design of a used Seat Ibiza?...

New Skoda Fabia vs used Seat Ibiza

New Skoda Fabia vs used Seat Ibiza – alternatives

New Skoda Fabia vs used Seat Ibiza – alternatives

The Suzuki Swift is a cute looking small car that majors on feeling effervescent to drive and on actually being very light – even in top spec guise and with a hybrid assistance system, it’s still comfortably under 1000kg in weight. This makes the Swift both really nippy off the line, and remarkably economical. Suzuki, as a manufacturer, topped our latest What Car? Reliability Survey so it should be a dependable new car choice.

If you want a used small car that gets close to matching the all-round capabilities of the Ibiza, then you’ll need to look at the Ford Fiesta. Unbelievably, it manages to offer entertaining handling that doesn’t come at the expense of an uncomfortable ride. The thrum that usually comes with three-cylinder engines is all but absent in Ford’s 1.0-litre Ecoboost unit, which makes the Fiesta a relaxing car to drive. It’s just a shame the boot is not the biggest around and that the touchscreen infotainment system isn’t more intuitive to use

New Skoda Fabia vs used Seat Ibiza – which is best?

New Skoda Fabia vs used Seat Ibiza

The Skoda Fabia is a solid choice for those who want an economical small car with a three-year warranty. You’ll also get a free ice scraper - which might come in handy in winter weather. If outright handling does not bother you, then the Fabia is a safe and sensible choice.

But the Seat Ibiza is also a fine choice, especially for growing families because it is the bigger, more practical car. You’ll also enjoy a much more modern infotainment system, a sportier drive, along with a car that comes with a greater level of equipment. You won’t have the same amount of warranty cover left, but then you are paying a lot less for it compared with a brand new Ibiza.  

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