New Skoda Kamiq vs Volkswagen T-Cross

These small SUVs from Skoda and Volkswagen show that practicality and class can be yours for a very affordable price...

Skoda Kamiq rear seats

Space and practicality

Front space, rear space, seating flexibility, boot

The Kamiq and T-Cross may be small SUVs, but they’re surprisingly big on the inside. You won’t have any trouble fitting in the front, even if you’re well over six feet tall, and taller adults won’t grumble about sitting in the back, either. That said, even if you push the T-Cross’s sliding rear seats as far back as they’ll go (the Kamiq’s don’t move), it has noticeably less knee room than its rival.

With its rear seats slid back, the T-Cross has a much smaller and more awkwardly shaped boot than the Kamiq, too. The former can take just five carry-on suitcases beneath its parcel shelf, compared with seven in the latter. And while sliding the T-Cross’s seats all the way forward puts the two roughly on a par for boot space, this makes rear leg room seriously tight. 

Volkswagen T-Cross rear seats

Mind you, the T-Cross comes with a height-adjustable boot floor as standard; Skoda charges £155 for this handy feature but does provide a removable LED torch, complete with recharging dock, on the wall of the boot. Both cars have rear seatbacks that can be folded down in a 60/40 split if you need to carry extra clobber.

When it comes to stowage for odds and ends, the Kamiq wins points by having a felt-lined cubby on the right-hand side of its dashboard and a compartment for your sunglasses above the rear-view mirror. Then again, the T-Cross has a storage drawer under its driver’s seat; this costs £190 in the Kamiq, although that outlay does get you drawers under both front seats and an extra 12-volt socket in the boot.

Skoda Kamiq 

Skoda Kamiq boot

Want loads of space for luggage? The Kamiq is the better choice, even if you have to pay extra for a height-adjustable boot floor (standard on the T-Cross).  The front seats hold you in place well, with good support for your shoulders.

Boot 400-1395 litres Suitcases 7

Volkswagen T-Cross

Volkswagen T-Cross boot

There are quite a few intrusions in the boot, making it an awkward shape, but capacity is still decent. Sliding rear seats give more flexibility than the Kamiq’s fixed ones, but there’s less leg room no matter where you set them.

Boot 385-1281 litres Suitcases 5

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