New Skoda Vision 7S electric SUV revealed: price, specs and release date

New range-topping electric SUV has a range of 370 miles and seven seats...

Skoda Vision 7S front tracking

On sale: 2026 | Price from: £55,000 (est)

Every so often, big brands reinvent themselves to better align with the times. Netflix, for example, began as a DVD rental service, while Amazon started out selling only books rather than, well, everything. Car makers do it too – and the new Skoda Vision 7S electric SUV is the first model to come from its maker’s latest reinvention.

The Vision 7S (although it won’t be called that when it goes on sale) is the first Skoda to feature the Czech brand’s new logo and ‘design language’. It has a wider but more streamlined front grille than existing models in the range, concealing an array of sensors and radars. It also has narrower LED headlights and more straight-edged bumpers than we’ve seen on previous Skodas. Because it’s electric, there are no air intakes needed to cool down what’s under the bonnet, and the car maker’s name is spelt out across the boot lid.

Skoda Vision 7S side profile

Some of the Vision 7S’s more conceptual frills – such as hooks you can pull out from its lower front bumper for towing but also to cut off the car’s electrical systems if needed – won’t be carried over to the production model. The car’s muscular stance and big 22in alloy wheels are likely to remain, though.

There’s another big party trick to make it stand out – the ability to carry seven people. At the moment, only the Tesla Model X (which is currently off sale) can match that.

In concept form, the Vision 7S is set up with three rows of seats, made up of six adult chairs and one for a baby, place in the centre of the car for maximum protection. The car you’ll be able to buy when it goes on sale in 2026 will swap this arrangement for a more standard 2+3+2 seating layout.

Skoda Vision 7S interior sketch

The Vision 7S is fed energy from a 89kWh battery pack. Official figures suggest it will be capable of travelling for around 370 miles between charges – in other words, enough to get you from London to Sheffield and all the way back again before stopping. That beats existing electric SUV rivals, including the BMW iX, Kia EV6 and Volkswagen ID 4.

Charging the Vision 7S from 10-80% shouldn’t take longer than 30 minutes if you can find a charging point capable of delivering its maximum 200kW rate.

Power wise, the Vision 7S is expected to use the same motors as the Volkswagen ID 6, which is due out in the UK next year. The ID 6 is already on sale in China, and is offered there with a single electric motor driving the rear wheels, in either 177bhp or 201bhp forms. A 301bhp dual-motor version offering four-wheel drive should follow later in a VW range-topping model likely to be given the GTX badge.

Skoda Vision 7S rear tracking

When driving, the Vision 7S’s 14.6in touchscreen performs all the infotainment functions you’d expect in a portrait layout – but when you’re charging up, the car transforms to help you relax. 

The steering wheel and pedals retract, for example, and the two front seats recline and face inwards to give your second and third row passengers a better view of the screen, which rotates to become horizontal and can be used for watching films or playing games.

While almost every function can be controlled using the screen, there are also dedicated dials for the climate controls. There’s also a separate 8.8in digital instrument display for the driver, plus an augmented reality head-up display system that can put the most pressing information right in front of your eyes.

Skoda Vision 7S front quarter static

Materials used inside the Vision 7S come from sustainable sources. For example, the upper dashboard and doors are finished in artificial leather, while the floor and boot of the car use the same scratch-resistant material made from recycled tyres, which should be easy to clean.

Prices for the Vision 7S are a long way from being finalised, but this electric seven-seater will be the crown of Skoda’s line-up when it does go on sale. As such, we’d expect it to cost from around £55,000. Even at that price, the Vision 7S will be a comparative bargain next to most electric SUVs.

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