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New Volkswagen ID 3 vs used Tesla Model 3: practicality

If you're shopping for a new electric car, the Volkswagen ID.3 is well worth considering, but for just a little bit more you could have a used Tesla Model 3. Which it the better buy?...

Volkswagen ID.3 2022 interior rear seats

Space and practicality

Front space, rear space, seating flexibility, boot

There’s more than enough space in the front of the Volkswagen ID 3, even if you're well over six-foot tall, but then the same can be said for the Tesla Model 3. Similarly, both are big in the back, even though the Model 3 doesn't have quite as much head room as the ID 3.

Instead, it's when you look at luggage space that real differences emerge. The ID 3's boot is about the same size as a Volkswagen Golf's, which means it's fine for fitting in a buggy and the weekly shopping, or alternatively five carry-on suitcases. However, the Model 3 can take 10 cases, including one in a second boot under the bonnet.

Used Tesla Model 3 rear seats

Both cars have rear seats that fold in a 60/40 split when you need to transport bulkier items, although in those instances you might be grateful that the the ID 3 is a hatchback rather than a saloon like the Model 3, because it gives you a bigger opening to load through.


Boot space

Volkswagen ID 3

Volkswagen ID.3 2021 boot

Boot 385 litres Suitcases 5

Tesla Model 3

Used Tesla Model 3 boot

Boot capacity 450 litres (rear) Suitcases 10 (front and rear)

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