Nissan Leaf cheaper than a Prius

* Cheaper to buy and run, says Nissan * No battery-swap option, though * Prices to be announced next month...

Nissan Leaf cheaper than a Prius
20 Apr 2010 09:20

Nissan says its all-electric Leaf will be cheaper to run and buy than a Toyota Prius.

Leaf customers will be able to either buy or lease the car that's a different approach to Nissan's partner, Renault, where buyers of its Fluence electric car will be given the option to buy the car outright but lease the batteries.

No battery swap option
Nissan has also ruled out offering buyers a battery-swap option, where drivers can exchange their flat batteries for fully charged units at special quick-drop stations. Renault is to trial this service in Israel and Denmark.

Full details of the cost to buy or lease will be revealed at the end of May.