Parking wardens get new powers

* Inconsiderate parking will earn ticket * Fines will apply even if there's no warning signs * Driving groups say plans are misguided...

Parking wardens get new powers

All traffic wardens can now issue 70 parking tickets for cars parked dangerously or inconsiderately, even if they are parked legally.

Until no only London's traffic wardens have had these powers, but now all local authorities can implement them. The aim is to reduce inconsiderate parking, for instance on street corners or in areas where the pavement has been lowered to let wheelchair users cross roads.

Transport Minister Rosie Winterton said: 'Dropped footways are provided to help wheelchair users and those with powered mobility vehicles or prams get around safely.

'They also allow residents to easily reach their garages or park on their driveways. The Highway Code says you should not stop or park in such places and we believe placing of traffic signs and/or road markings to indicate these restrictions should not be necessary.'

However, driving groups hit out at the plan, saying drivers could unwittingly incur a parking fine and have no chance of a successful appeal.

A spokesman for the AA said: 'This will result in a parking free-for-all. If there are no road signs or road markings, theres no chance of winning an appeal. Its the parking wardens word against yours.'

The measures are subject to a 12-week consultation period and are expected to come into force next spring.