Pop! Electric Kia city car breaks cover

* Toyota IQ-sized car for Paris motor show * Seats three people, just 3m long * No on sale date, but expect ambitious plans...

Pop! Electric Kia city car breaks cover

Kia will unveil this cute all-electric Pop city car concept at the Paris Motor Show in September.

The zero tailpipe emission concept car is around the same length as a Toyota IQ, but seats three passengers, not four.

While the Gordon Murray T.25's three-seater arrangement has two passengers either side of the driver, as in the McLaren F1 supercar, the Pop appears to have two up front and a third passenger sat behind on what looks like a chaise longue.

The all-electric concept car follows last year's Ray plug-in hybrid and the company's announcement of the ambition to become the leading supplier of fuel-cell cars by 2015.

More photos of the Kia Pop
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> Kia Pop 5: click to enlargeWith the goal of having 10,000 fuel cells on the road by then, Kia must have similarly grand ideas for electrics and plug-ins, so we look forward to finding out more at the Paris motor show at the end of September and we'll be there covering it live.