Promoted: Why cleaning your engine from the inside matters

To keep the heart of your car running as smoothly as possible, it’s worth investing in a fuel additive...

Promoted: Why cleaning your engine from the inside matters

When it comes to modern cars, even the latest advanced engines need a bit of help to keep running cleanly and efficiently.

Luckily, STP® has a range of easy-to-use fuel additives, which have been designed to help you get the best out your pride and joy – whether it’s an everyday run-around, or a performance car.

Reducing the build-up of deposits

Thanks to the varying quality of petrol from different suppliers, the fuel injectors, intake valves and combustion chambers inside your engine naturally suffer from a build up of carbon deposits. Over time, this can impact performance, reduce fuel efficiency and increase emissions.

Fuel additives act like engine detergents, effectively cleaning an engine from the inside. That helps to ensure smoother engine idling, improved acceleration, improved fuel economy, and lower emissions.

Thanks to more than 60 years’ of research and development, STP® has a wide range of automotive care products designed to help you get the best out of your car – including two hassle-free additives that help you improve the performance of any modern engine.

Feel the difference in one tankful

STP® Complete Fuel System Cleaner has been designed to clean and protect the entire fuel system of your car for restored performance.

All you need to do is add one bottle of STP® Complete Fuel System Cleaner to a full tank of fuel every 4,000 miles, and it will help to remove deposits from injectors, valves, the combustion chamber, preventing engine hesitation, corrosion and even reducing emissions.

Help stop-start engines run better for longer

A normal car can be expected to go through up to 50,000 engine start-stop events during its life. However, modern engines with automatic stop-start – in which the engine has to re-activate every time the car comes to a standstill – can raise that figure dramatically.

This increased stress on a stop-start engine greatly increases the build-up of deposits in the fuel intake. STP® Start-Stop Engine Cleaner helps to prevent this build-up, restoring any power loss, reducing emissions and decreasing engine wear. All you need to do to see the benefit is add a bottle of STP® Start-Stop Engine Cleaner to a full tank of fuel every 2,000 miles.

So, whether you’ve got a conventional petrol or diesel engine, or a stop-start engine, keeping the heart of your car clean is crucial. After all, no-one wants to waste time and money stuck on the hard shoulder with a costly and inconvenient engine problem.

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