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Public charging costs compared

Revealed: the cost of charging mainstream and prestige electric cars using different public charging networks...

Ecotricity charger

Below we compare the cost of charging up two electric cars at either end of the power and price spectrum: the £33,000 Hyundai Ioniq Electric family hatchback and the £72,000 Audi E-tron luxury SUV. Different public charging networks are listed for each model because the Hyundai's maximum charging rate is 57kW and the Audi's is 150kW. 

The tables show the cost of a 10% to 80% charge because it's widely thought that only charging to 80% of capacity whenever you can helps to increase battery life. 

Audi E-tron charging costs

Network Monthly fee Fee per charge Cost per kWh Total
Ionity 350kW     £0.69 £45.89
Polar Contactless 150kW     £0.40 £26.60
Ecotricity 22kW, 43kW, 50kW     £0.39 £25.94
Shell Recharge 50kW, 150kW     £0.39 £25.94
Instavolt 50kW to 125kW     £0.35 £23.28
Polar Instant 150kW     £0.35 £23.28
Genie Point 43kW, 50kW   £1.00 £0.30 £20.95
Polar Contactless 43kW, 50kW     £0.30 £19.95
ESV EV Solutions 43kW, 50kW     £0.29 £19.29
ESV EV Solutions 43kW, 50kW £4.00   £0.25 £16.63
Polar Instant 43kW, 50kW     £0.25 £16.63
Pod Point 43kW, 50kW     £0.23 £15.30
Charge your car 43kw, 50kW     25p per min £13.85*
Ubitricity 5.5kW £9.99 £0.15 £0.20 £13.45
Polar Plus 150kW £7.85   £0.20 £13.30
Ecotricity domestic customers     £0.19 £12.64
Polar Plus 43kW, 50kW £7.85   £0.15 £9.98
Source London Flexi 22kW     £0.12 £7.91**
Home charging      £0.07 £4.66

Hyundai Ioniq charging costs

Network Monthly fee Fee per charge cost per kWh Total
Ecotricity 22kW, 43kW, 50kW     £0.39 £10.46
Shell Recharge 50kW     £0.39 £10.46
Genie Point 43kW, 50kW   £1.00 £0.30 £9.04
Genie Point 7kW, 22kW   £0.50 £0.30 £8.54
Hubsta 7kW, 22kW   £0.50 up to £0.30 £8.54
Hubsta Plus 7kW, 22kW £7.50   up to £0.30 £8.04
Polar Contactless 43kW, 50kW     £0.30 £8.04
ESV EV Solutions 43kW, 50kW      £0.29 £7.77
Pod Point 7kW     £0.29 £7.77
Charge your car 7kW   £1.50 £0.20 £6.86*
ESV EV Solutions 43kW, 50kW £4.00   £0.25 £6.70
Polar Instant 43kW, 50kW     £0.25 £6.70
Pod Point 43kW, 50kW     £0.23 £6.17
Charge your car 43kW, 50kW     25p per min £5.59*
Ecotricity domestic customers     £0.19 £5.09
Polar Instant 3kW, 7kW     £0.18 £4.83
Polar Plus 43kW, 50kW £7.85   £0.15 £4.02
Polar plus 3kW, 7kW £7.85   £0.12 £3.22
Source London Flexi 22kW     £0.12 £3.19**
Source London Full 22kW £4.00   £0.10 £2.55
Source London Flexi 3kW, 7kW     £0.06 £1.58**
Source London Full 3kW, 7kW £4.00   £0.04 £0.97

* cost per kWh varies between locations  ** £10 sign-up fee

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