Real MPG: most economical cars with 1.0-litre engines

What Car?'s Real MPG tests show what you can really expect from a car – here we reveal the 10 most frugal cars with 1.0-litre petrol engines, plus those which will cost you most at the pumps.....

If you're a new driver, mainly drive in town or are simply looking to keep costs down, then you might be considering a car with a 1.0-litre petrol engine. Image 1 of 21

Such engines were traditionally the reserve of affordable small cars, but nowadays you’ll find them in a number of small SUVs and even some family cars. Don't think that choosing a car with a 1.0-litre engine means you'll forever be in the slow lane, either. While you're unlikely to be blown away by their performance, these engines are usually turbocharged, so most offer surprisingly nippy acceleration.

What’s more, they’re some of the most affordable cars to run – especially if you don't fancy a hybrid or electric car. But which models are the most frugal in the real world? We start at Number 10 and work our way through to the Number 1: