Subaru Impreza concept car

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Subaru Impreza concept car

Subaru makes no secret of the fact that the Impreza concept it unveiled at the Los Angeles motor gives strong pointers to the next production version of its mid-sized saloon.

It points to the future of the brand in general and one of our models in particular. said Osamu Namba, the companys head of design. It is a clear declaration of how the future of an all-wheel-drive saloon might look.

It looks forward to a future Impreza,

Namba says it has been designed to fit in with Subarus new brand statement, 'Confidence in Motion'. It has a four-door coupe-like side profile with elongated and swept-back front screen pillars and strong rear pillars, which are said to give it excellent aerodynamics.

The companys traditional hexagonal grille is mounted in a low, wide front end that is echoed at the rear around the numberplate area and the lower diffuser. Big arches emphasise that it is a four-wheel-drive car.

The interior is meant to be both dynamic and enticing while offering what Namba calls progressive technology.

Theres no word on when the next Impreza, based on the concept car, might appear, but the likely scenario is that it could be shown late next year at the Tokyo motor show and go on sale in Japan a short while afterwards, and in 2012 in the UK.