The worst new cars on sale in 2022

We reveal the worst cars in each class, their What Car? star ratings, and why they’re best avoided...

You sometimes hear that there’s no such thing as a ‘bad’ car nowadays. Image 1 of 42

But in reality, it’s all relative. See, while the average car has become better and better over the years, the gap between the best and worst in a class is as big as ever.

It doesn’t matter which type of car you’re looking for, either. Whether it’s a fuel-efficient city runabout, a high-tech electric car or even a £100,000 luxury SUV, there’s at least one car in each group that’s best avoided.

Here, we’ll walk you through them all. Plus, you can find out more about them by following the links to our full reviews of each model, which cover everything from how quick they are, to what you can fit in the boot and how much they’ll cost to run.

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