Tokyo motor show 2017 – our star cars

Nissan's electric SUV concept, Honda's sporty electric vehicle and a close look at the next Mazda 3 – here's our guide to the star cars of the Tokyo motor show...

Tokyo motor show 2017 – our star cars
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Darren Moss
25 Oct 2017 06:04

The biennial Tokyo motor show is one of the world's largest and most diverse automotive events. As well as showcasing Japanese car culture, it's a stomping ground for the country's car makers – which include Nissan, Honda, Toyota, Mitsubishi and Suzuki – to showcase their new or upcoming models.

While the majority of new cars on display in Tokyo will never reach the UK, there are some that are destined to reach our shores. Below, we've collected six of the best, so read on to find out what's appearing in Tokyo.

2017 Tokyo motor show – our star cars

Honda Sports EV

Tokyo motor show 2017 – our star cars

At last month's Frankfurt motor show, Honda gave us a glimpse into the future with its Urban EV concept car, which is scheduled to go on sale in 2019. Now, Honda has shown how it could use the same technology to produce a hot electric sports car, which is tentatively set to be available in 2020. Very little information has been released about the new model, including any performance figures, but a driving range of around 150 miles is expected.

Mazda Kai concept

Tokyo motor show 2017 – our star cars

The Kai concept offers a close look at what the next Mazda 3 family hatchback will look like when it arrives in 2019. Its pared-back exterior design is echoed inside, where a larger infotainment screen is incorporated into the dashboard rather than sitting on top of it. The next 3, which will be longer, wider and lower than the current car with more space inside, will make use of Mazda's compression-ignition petrol engines, which the company says can offer the fuel economy of a diesel engine.

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Mazda Vision Coupé concept

Tokyo motor show 2017 – our star cars

Look beyond the heavily stylised lines of this concept car and you'll see a glimpse at Mazda's planned grand tourer, a dramatic four-door coupé which is eventually intended to rival the likes of Aston Martin's DB11. No performance details of the concept have been revealed, but Mazda is known to have been planning a new sports car since unveiling the RX Vision concept car at 2015's Tokyo show. The proposed grand tourer could arrive as early as 2019, and is likely to feature a hybrid powertrain.

Mitsubishi e-Evolution concept

Tokyo motor show 2017 – our star cars

Mitsubishi's new concept car seems to hit all the right buttons: it's an SUV, it's purely electric and it's capable of driving itself – plus it revives the Evolution badge previously used on the firm's high-performance saloon. It's powered by three electric motors, with two driving the rear wheels and one driving the fronts. Inside, drivers can also choose between different modes depending on the road surface, while an augmented reality display replaces the traditional infotainment screen. If it makes production – and that's still an if, for now – then it will sit at the very top of Mitsubishi's range.

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