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Used test: BMW M3 vs Porsche Macan interiors

An unlikely pairing, but the Porsche Macan sports SUV has the driving chops to challenge the performance car status quo. So, is the BMW M3 or the Macan the better used buy?...

BMW M3 vs Porsche Macan Turbo


Driving position, visibility, build quality, practicality

Both the BMW M3 and Porsche Macan have good driving positions. Naturally, the M3 better caters for those who prefer being closer to the road, while you sit higher in the Macan – granting you a grander view out, mind you. Front and rear parking sensors came as standard from new in both cars. 

In the M3 and Macan, you'll find heavily bolstered, broadly adjustable sports seats that hold you firmly in place. On the other hand, they’re also comfortable enough to accommodate any shape of driver, even on long journeys.

BMW M3 vs Porsche Macan Turbo

The Macan has an interior that feels thoroughly worthy of a luxury car. There’s a sense of solid precision to the fit and finish, while the buttons are clearly labelled and of a good quality. However, the infotainment screen in the Macan is smaller and not as sharp as the M3's screen, not to mention the M3’s system is more user-friendly.

Where the M3 falls short of the Macan is in its perceived quality. It looks and feels premium for the most part, but, for a car that cost nearly £60,000 when new, its odd sections of brittle-feeling plastics stand out. It doesn't exude the same prestige as the Porsche Macan does.

Porsche Macan

Both cars offer enough space for four tall adults, although there’s usefully more rear leg room in the BMW M3. However, the Macan's taller hatchback boot is much better suited to carrying bulky items. Its overall volume is slightly larger as well – at 500 litres to the M3's 480 litres.

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