Used test: Renault Koleos vs Mazda CX-5

Temptingly priced and spacious inside, a used Renault Koleos makes sense as a family car, but could the sportier and faster Mazda CX-5 be a better large SUV buy?...

New Renault Koleos vs Mazda CX-5
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What Car? team
4 Jul 2019 06:30

What will they cost?

The CX-5 is the more expensive of the two to buy used, and while that gap can be narrowed with a bit of haggling, it’ll probably still cost you more than the Koleos. However, it’ll lose you less in depreciation over time.

New Renault Koleos vs Mazda CX-5

Surprisingly, despite the CX-5 having the more powerful engine, it was actually the more economical car in our real-world fuel economy tests with a result of 47.4mpg compared to the 42.9mpg of the Koleos. 

Both SUVs have been awarded the full five stars by Euro NCAP, although the CX-5 received higher marks for adult, child and pedestrian protection. To help you avoid an accident in the first place, both cars come with automatic emergency braking, while the Koleos adds a lane departure warning system.

New Renault Koleos vs Mazda CX-5

The Mazda should also be the more dependable SUV of the two; the brand managed to finish in 17th position, while Renault languishes near the bottom of the pack in 30th place.

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