Vauxhall Mokka long-term test: report 4

The Vauxhall Mokka is a big seller within the crowded small SUV market, but does it deserve its sales success? We're living with one to find out...

Jonty Renk test driving Vauxhall Mokka

The Car Vauxhall Mokka 1.2 136 GS 6-Speed Manual Run by Jonty Renk, senior videographer

Why it’s here To prove that small, petrol-powered SUVs can still hold value for buyers wanting to keep costs low

Needs to Be comfortable for five people and transport luggage with ease, be comfortable on long distances and function as a mobile office when needed

Mileage 5752 List price £28,085 Target Price £26,475 Price as tested £28,085 Official economy 51.4mpg Test economy 41.1mpg

6 September 2023 – Easy does it

The more time I spend in my Vauxhall Mokka, the more of them I notice on the road; they're everywhere. Maybe some will have been bought on the back of the nice things I've said in my long-term reports, but the others? Well, I reckon it comes down to a traditional trait of Vauxhall cars: approachability.

They've generally been good when it comes to the 'hire car test'; when you land in a foreign country, pick up your rental car and want to be able to just get in and drive without having to figure everything out.

Behind the wheel of the Mokka, everything is as straightforward as you could want. There are handy separate controls for the heating and air conditioning, and the infotainment touchscreen is simple to use, albeit with plenty of non-essential features packed away in menus for those who want to find them (you can re-configure the dashboard display, for instance, should you fancy it).

Long-term 2023 Vauxhall Mokka cruise control

This simplicity extends to the cruise control. Unlike range-topping Ultimate trim, GS doesn't have adaptive cruise control, just a basic system with one steering wheel button to activate it and a toggle to set the speed you want to maintain. The rest is up to you.

It won't brake when you're approaching another car; you have to pay attention to the road and judge when it's prudent to slow down, or to pull out and overtake, for yourself. But that's what you should be doing anyway, and to do so with a relaxed right foot is a luxury feature indeed.

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