Jonty Renk

Jonty Renk head and shoulders photo
Senior Videographer

Jonty Renk is a professional filmmaker who has worked with sports and automotive publications since 2018. Jonty joined What Car? in 2022, where he films, edits and creates video content for What Car?’s YouTube channel and

He previously worked for Global Cycling Network as a videographer, where he was responsible for creating editorial and commercial content across its full range of social platforms between 2018 and 2022.

Jonty studied Film, TV and Digital Production at Bath Spa University, and graduated with first class honours in 2020.

Jonty Renk Q&A

What’s the best piece of advice you could offer a car buyer?

You can't put a price on space and practicality. I carry a huge amount of equipment when I'm shooting, and not having to shoehorn it all into a tiny boot makes life so much easier. And as a keen cyclist, cars with huge boot openings, seats that fold flat easily, and tie-down straps all make a real difference. It's easy to get carried away with budget price tags, fancy equipment or advanced technology, but good, old-fashioned spacious cars get my vote every time.

What’s the best car you’ve ever driven?

With my constant need for space, the Volkswagen Multivan ticks so many of my boxes. For what I use a car for, it's hard to think of anything that could be better. It looks great, too, in a way that only a Volkswagen van can! It's certainly a car I'd choose with my head. But with my heart it'd have to be an Audi RS4. As a way to cover ground fast, it is spectacular.

What will the car market look like in 20 years?

It's increasingly clear that the new-car market will be dominated by battery electric vehicles, perhaps with a smattering of hydrogen vehicles. Battery technology will define so much of the market in years to come, and unless there's a seismic breakthrough in the coming years, car makers will need to think laterally. I can't help but wonder if manufacturers should take a leaf out of tech companies: when the battery in my video camera runs out, I simply swap it for a fully-charged one. Agreeing on a universal standard may be a stumbling block, though.