Volvo S80 gets a new diesel

* 205bhp 2.4-litre unit * On sale mid-2009 * Has twin turbochargers for maximum efficiency...

Volvo S80 gets a new diesel

Volvo is adding a new diesel engine to its S80 saloon range.

The 205bhp, 2.4-litre unit averages 45.6mpg and emits 164g/km of carbon dioxide.

It has twin sequential turbochargers, plus 'piezoelectric' fuel injectors (which help lower fuel consumption, and reduce exhaust emissions) and ceramic glow plugs for more efficient cold-starting.

As in the upcoming Jaguar 3.0 V6 diesels, one turbo works for rapid acceleration and the other kicks in higher up the rev range.

The S80 D5 will go on sale in the UK towards the middle of the year, with prices set to be announced closer to the launch date.