Volvo V40 video farewell

* Volvo V40 1.6D D2 SE Nav run for a year * Run by group production editor Euan Doig * More than 18,000 miles driven...

Volvo V40 video farewell

The Volvo V40 is a comfortable, smart family hatchback that offers something different from its upmarket German rivals such as the Audi A3, BMW 1 Series and VW Golf.

We chose the D2 version, which is the eco model of the V40 range its claimed fuel economy is 78.5mpg, although our True MPG technicians recorded a real-world return of 56.8mpg.

There was a lot we liked about our long-term V40, including its stylish interior and imaginative detailing. Its also a reasonably well-equipped car, even in standard trim.

However, while the D2 engine is smooth and fairly quiet, we found that too much wind and road noise affected the cabin at higher speeds. The ride and handling are also some way off the class leaders.

The car has been in the hands of What Car? group production editor Euan Doig for the past year, so he's now bidding farewell to the car.

Watch Euans video diary to see the things he has and hasn't enjoyed about the Volo V40 over the past 12 months.