What Car? Personal Shopper: best narrow car

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What Car? Personal Shopper

The reader

Dear What Car?,

Following a change in my circumstances, I am hoping you might be able to advise on a new car because I am due to get one in the autumn.

I am a disabled driver – although I don't need any specific modifications – and an automatic gearbox and a high driver's seat are my main requirements.  A low lip on the boot space is also a help when I lift my wheeled walker in and out. My other restriction is the width of my garage. I currently drive a Nissan Juke with a width of 1765 mm and I can just manage with it. Previously I considered a Vauxhall Meriva but it was too wide.

Would you kindly be able to suggest some models for me to consider?


The brief

Dorothy is in need of a high-set driving position, so an SUV or high-set hatchback sounds like a good fit. Lots of drivers like SUVs for their increased visibility over lower models, and most are spacious too. An automatic gearbox shouldn't be hard to find, and teamed with a frugal petrol engine and a big boot should give Dorothy a great new set of wheels. First up, let's see Darren's new car choice.