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Volkswagen T-Cross side

Our recommendation: buy new

We don't use the term 'walkover' lightly, but the truth is that nothing can match the Volkswagen T-Cross Darren found. While the Audi Q2 Mark recommends is nicer inside, it's also wider than the Nissan Juke that Dorothy already owns, and which we know is a tight fit in her garage. 

The T-Cross, on the other hand, is the perfect fit. As our review attests, it's also deceptively spacious, so loading Dorothy's wheeled walker shouldn't pose any problems, and in SE form, the height-adjustable boot floor will iron out any loading lip, too.

And even if Dorothy can't stretch to £20,661 straight away, the good news is that our recommended version of the T-Cross can be brought on a PCP finance deal for as little as £247 per month.

Our recommendation this time, then, is to buy new. 

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