What Car? Personal Shopper: sports car for £60,000

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Personal Shopper: best sports car for £60,000
Personal Shopper: best sports car for £60,000

The reader:

Dear What Car?

"I've just retired after selling my business, and having driven executive saloons for most of my working life, I now want a sports car with which to have some fun. Crucially, I'd like to be able to use it every day, so it needs to be spacious enough for me and my wife to take on longer trips. I don't especially care about fuel economy, but I would like something reasonably sensible for my budget, which is around £60,000. What would you suggest?


Drives: Audi A6

The brief:

  • Sports car, most likely with a petrol engine
  • Usable every day
  • Reasonably spacious

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