Nissan Navara review

Nissan Navara 2018 front cornering shot
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Despite their rudimentary construction, pick-ups remain a common sight on our roads. They’re classed as light commercial vehicles (LCVs) for tax purposes, so are a cheaper alternative to traditional large SUV company cars. Nissan’s Navara has proved a popular pick-up, but it was recently given an overhaul, including new rear suspension and a more car-like interior.

It’s available with two engine options; a single-turbo 2.3 diesel or a more powerful twin-turbo unit, and there are five trim levels to pick from. There’s also the choice of a King Cab layout or five-seat Double Cab. The latter will be the biggest seller by far.

The Navara has competition from the likes of Mitsubishi’s L200, Ford’s Ranger, VW’s Amarok, the Toyota Hilux and Mercedes X-Class. Read on for our full review and to find out if you should be buying it before any of all of them.

Nissan Navara 2018 RHD fording river
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