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The Volkswagen Amarok has become something of a legend in the world of pickup trucks, even though it’s been around for only a decade or so. Some of its key rivals – namely the Ford Ranger and Toyota Hilux – have a history dating back many decades.

Speaking of the Ranger, the latest Amarok is actually the result of a commercial vehicle partnership between Volkswagen and Ford, so the two cars are now very closely related and are even built in the same factory.


  • The Amarok was removed from sale just before the Covid pandemic hit the world. However, it was always Volkswagen's plan to reincarnate its popular pickup truck. This second-generation model is closely related to the Ford Ranger.

  • While the two pickups are closely related and are even built in the same factory in South Africa, there's plenty to differentiate them. The have different exterior designs, for example, and the VW Amarok's interior has some unique features.

  • The Amarok is a good pickup truck with lots of strengths and few real weaknesses. Read our review for the full lowdown. 

  • The latest Amarok is the better all-round pickup truck. However, the Nissan Navara is no longer on sale in the UK.

  • Amarok means 'enormous wolf' in the language of the Inuit people. Legend has it that this wolf hunts alone, rather than in packs, and preys on any person foolish enough to hunt at night.