Used Peugeot 106 Hatchback 1996 - 2004 review

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The Peugeot 106 is a spirited city car that will put a smile on your face

Peugeot 106 Hatchback (96 - 04)
  • Peugeot 106 Hatchback (96 - 04)
  • Peugeot 106 Hatchback (96 - 04)
Used Peugeot 106 Hatchback 1996 - 2004 review
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What's the used Peugeot 106 hatchback like?

The Peugeot 106 is very entertaining for scooting around towns and along country roads. It's nippy (1.5 diesel apart), flexible and easy going, with light and responsive steering, and fluent and sharp handling.

The lively 1.6-litre 16v GTi is even more agile and fun. On narrow twisty roads, its composure and pace through corners can embarrass bigger, dearer hot hatches.


The Peugeot 106 is a spirited city car that will put a smile on your face

  • It's a great town or country car
  • There's plenty of choice and it's cheap to buy and run
  • Lacks space, awkward driving position and thinly padded seats

Forget long-distance journeys, though. All 106s hate motorways and don't do refinement. The engines become tiresome at a steady 70mph, there's not much sound deadening and the seats soon feel uncomfortable.

The driving position is badly flawed, too. The pedals are cramped and the steering wheel is fixed, so tall drivers will struggle. And, so will tall passengers, because there's not much space in the front, and the rear seats are really for kids only. The boot's a decent size, although only posher versions have a split-fold rear seat.

Ownership cost

What used Peugeot 106 hatchback will I get for my budget?

How much does it cost to run a Peugeot 106 hatchback?

Small repairs aren't that expensive, but if big stuff starts to go, your bank balance will take a beating. In extreme cases, you could fork out more in repairs than the car cost you.

That's partly because the 106 is so cheap to buy, of course.

Fuel economy is very good - more than 40mpg for the 1.1 and 1.4 petrols, high-30s for the eight-valve 1.6, low-30s for the GTI and 50-plus for the 1.5 diesel - but, you'll pay a bit to insure it, although it's not too bad.

Scheduled servicing won't hurt, either. Expect it to be cheaper than a Seat Arosa, Volkswagen Lupo or Fiat Seicento.

Our recommendations

Which used Peugeot 106 hatchback should I buy?

The 1.4-litre petrol is a sweet, eager engine and nippy enough without being heavy on fuel. The 1.6-litre eight-valve has more go, but there's a marked dip in economy.

You'll have stacks of choice if you want the 1.1-litre petrol - it's the most common model. It has the same zingy character as the 1.4, but less pace and not much better mpg, so we favour the bigger engine.

Forget the 1.5 diesel. For all its 50mpg potential, it's a grumbly old thing that creates too much din even when it isn't working hard.

Five-door cars are slightly more practical, but if you plan to use the rear seats much, you shouldn't be buying a 106. Which is probably why the majority of 106s are three-doors.

Kit levels are modest, unless you choose Zest 3, Quicksilver or XT trims. Go for a car with power steering - not all have it. Classifieds and independent dealers are the place to buy.

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