Used Renault Grand Scenic 2009-2016 review

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(2009 - 2016)
Used Renault Grand Scenic 09-16
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What should I look for in a used Renault Grand Scenic MPV?

Since the Grand Scenic is a family car, your attention should be on the interior. Make sure the seats fold and recline as they should. Check for any stains, rips or holes in either the seat fabric or the carpets, and look for any broken bits of plastic trim. You should also check that all the electrics work and that the TomTom sat-nav card is still in the car, otherwise your sat-nav system won’t work and you’ll have to visit your Renault dealer to buy a new one.

The loading lip on the rear bumper is nice and low on the Grand Scenic to ease loading and unloading, but it is still susceptible to scuff marks from buggies and bikes as they are taken in and out of the boot. Check the alloy wheels as well for any kerb damage and examine the bumpers and bodywork for any parking damage.

Used Renault Grand Scenic 09-16

What are the most common problems with a used Renault Grand Scenic MPV?

There was a recall for some Grand Scenics with the 1.6 diesel engine. The recall was launched on the 1 August 2016 to deal with the brake vacuum pump that may fail and result in a hard brake pedal. Recalled vehicles should have had the production date of the pump checked and the whole unit replaced if necessary.

Is a used Renault Grand Scenic MPV reliable?

Renault hasn’t had the best reputation for reliability in the past; while it has been trying to improve this, it only finished in 20th place in our latest reliability survey. This put it ahead of Volkswagen in 22nd, but it was still behind Vauxhall in 18th place and a long way behind Ford, which finished in ninth place.

If you would like to see the full reliability list, head to the What Car? reliability survey pages for more information.


Used Renault Grand Scenic 09-16
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