Used Skoda Karoq (17-present)

Used Skoda Karoq 2017-present review

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What used Skoda Karoq estate will I get for my budget?

Prices for a used Karoq start at around £18,000 at the time of writing, though keep in mind that this price will fall with time – because the Karoq’s so new, prices won’t have settled down quite yet.

If you want to work out how much a Karoq you’re thinking of buying is worth, why not try the free What Car? Valuations tool?

Used Skoda Karoq (17-present)

How much does it cost to run a Skoda Karoq estate?

Not too much, but the Karoq is still relatively thirsty compared with some of its rivals. For example, the Peugeot 3008 is generally quite a bit more efficient, while even the similar Seat Ateca managed better figures in its official government lab tests. Despite this, the Karoq is still there or thereabouts; even if its figures aren’t the best around, they’re still respectable.

What’s more, all Karoqs will cost the lowest rate of £140 a year to tax, although that should be true of most of its rivals too.

Meanwhile, servicing costs should be cheap, and once your Karoq hits three years old, you should be able to take advantage of Skoda’s good-value fixed-price servicing scheme at its dealerships.

One tip is to look out for a Karoq that had Skoda’s optional extended warranty added by its first owner. This adds an extra two years to the standard three-year warranty, so it’s really worth having – although if you haven’t got it, don’t forget you can always extend the warranty yourself in the normal way when it comes to an end.


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