Used Tesla Model S 2014-present review

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Used Tesla Model S 14-present
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What's the used Tesla Model S hatchback like?

So, you want storming performance, but you also want all the luxuries? You want seating for up to seven, but you want a head-turning body of exceptional elegance? Most difficult of all, you want all this, but you want it in a zero-emissions vehicle?

Blimey, a bit fussy, aren't you? Well, in fact there is a car that satisfies all of those criteria, and it's been around since 2014 - it's the Tesla Model S. It’s the product of what is still a fledgling US company and the brainchild of a Paypal billionaire who happens to be passionate about electric vehicles. And space travel, among other things.

In recent years, the Tesla range has expanded to include the Model X SUV and the Model 3 executive-sized car, but it was the S that got there first. Well, unless that is you include the Roadster, Tesla's first and rather unsuccessful foray into the electric car market.

What's it like in the real world? With a stiff, mostly aluminium body and a huge battery pack located below the interior’s floor, the Model S handles rather well, and if it’s speed you’re after, one version of the car can fly from 0- 60mph in just 2.5sec – quicker than nearly any conventionally powered supercar.

The 100D version has an official maximum claimed range of 393 miles, while the more powerful P100D is capable of 381 miles and even the 75D claims to do up to 304 miles between charges. The more common 60kWh version claims 208 miles. Such figures are possible due to the Model S’s enormous batteries, with their huge capacity. Later models under different testing procedures had claimed ranges of 375 miles for the Long-Range version and 367 miles for the Performance Ludicrous model. 

The interior is a tech fest, with a massive 17.0in colour touchscreen that displays sharp, high-definition graphics and online connected services. The screen is responsive, with decent-sized icons, and nearly everything is on it, including the sat-nav and audio and even the sunroof operation.

Freed from the space restrictions of housing a conventional engine and all its associated gubbins, the Model S has masses of room inside, with lounging room for five and no hump in the floor to interfere with passenger comfort. The boot is massive, and there’s the option of two rear-facing jump seats that turn the car into a seven-seater.

At first glance, quality is immediately impressive, with lots of leather and an eye-catching interior design, complete with s large panoramic roof that floods the interior with light. Close up, it’s not quite a match for its German executive car rivals, especially around the centre console area, but it’ll still impress your neighbours.

Standard equipment includes power-folding door mirrors, electrically operated front seats, dual-zone climate control, leather upholstery, a reversing camera and keyless entry. Plus, there’s internet connectivity with access to Google Maps and internet radio. Options worth seeking out include the two rear-facing kids’ seats in the boot and the Enhanced Autopilot functionality.

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Used Tesla Model S 14-present
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